About Us

Brunch in The City was founded in March 2019 by Jessica Shuford and Imah Usen. The two women were introduced to one another while serving at John Knox Rehabilitation Center for a serve project with their church, NCC Safe Harbor, in 2017. While serving and having casual conversation, the two quickly discovered that they have the same birthday. Since that day, the two discovered that they shared a lot more in common. As time continued, the two consistently fellowshipped and started to speak their vision into the atmosphere.

April 2019, those visions came to fruition with the first Brunch in The City event. We aim to connect women in business over laughter, mimosas, and a good time. Our ultimate goal is to empower new (and even seasoned entrepreneurs) and equip these individuals with various methods and tools that will enable them to manifest their goals. Having a goal without the necessary tools, becomes a dream that is vaguely remembered. It’s important that we understand that in order for our goals to manifest and take root, we must take the necessary steps by gaining the necessary tools.

Let’s build a solid foundation and grow your business today! Be sure to visit our event page and connect with us at our next event.